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We strongly believe that a strong commitment to helping those in need is a lifelong process.  We are in the fortunate position to be able to donate a percentage of our revenue each month to a different charity. 

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Underdogs Animal Rescue is a Colorado-based 501(c)(3) non profit all-breed animal rescue. They are dedicated to changing the perception of the “underdog” – the forgotten ones, the misunderstood ones, the ones that get picked last (or don’t get picked at all). They give these longshots the opportunity to beat their odds, confident that they will prove that the underdog is the best dog, every single time.

All underdogs (and a few cats) are saved from overcrowded partner shelters and rescue groups, where they would have otherwise not received a much-deserved second chance. Their adoptable animals are placed in foster homes, which allows them to continue working on socialization and basic training, and to assess best-fit placements for potential adopters. They believe that adoption, education, advocacy, and community partnerships are the best chance at solving the pet overpopulation crisis in our country and beyond. 

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